the area


skale has set its sights on the compelling canvas that is Kingston Road, an intriguing blank slate on the brink of a rebirth. With its history as a bustling mail route, Kingston Road is a fascinating stretch of eastern Toronto, increasingly more appealing to a host of young, potential homeowners in an ever-expanding city.

The area is overflowing with quiet potential and endless possibilities, as well as several choice schools, shopping, and dining options.

Just a stone’s throw away you’ll also find Bluffer’s Park Marina, Scarborough Bluffs Sailing Club, and the prestigious Scarboro Golf & Country Club, established in 1912, and home to a world-class curling rink and elegantly crafted club house.

Head north and you’ll be greeted by the Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, a vibrant arts hub housed in a historic mansion, and surrounded by lush gardens, woods, and meandering walking trails. The centre hosts arts-related events and info sessions, as well as gallery exhibits celebrating emerging and established artists from Toronto and the surrounding area.