The benefits of working out at home.


Working out at home is an excellent way to avoid paying gym fees. After all, when you have the great outdoors at your doorstep, the world is your gym. Go for a walk or jog in your neighbourhood, switching up the route each time for variety –not exactly something you can do on a treadmill or stationary bike.

Weather outside not ideal? Move aside a couple things and do some yoga! You actually don’t require much space at all for a yoga routine – truly just the amount of space in which you can fit a yoga mat. There are many routines you can find online, otherwise you can try a simple sun salutation to get your heart rate going.

Why not take the stairs? If you live above the third or fourth floor, we’re obviously not suggesting you forgo the elevator altogether – but you do have the freedom to hop off a couple storeys early and walk the rest of the way.

Looking to build muscle? Push-ups are one of the most effective whole body toning exercises, and the only equipment you need is your body.

Other quick heart-pumping workouts you can do on the spot: jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and if you’re really looking to feel the burn, burpees. Just make sure you stay properly hydrated throughout.

See how easy it is to stay fit at home? Try a few of these the next time to want to get moving. Your body (and bank account) will thank you.


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