Succulents are so hot right now.


They’re adorable, aren’t they? Tiny cacti and succulents don’t take up much space, and they’re extremely low maintenance, which makes them a great way to add green to your home without having to clear out a whole corner. Here are some of our favourite picks when it comes to increasing your home’s succulent factor.

String of Pearls. With its dangling, beady tendrils, you’ll find it difficult not to touch this plant every time you see it.

Light: Bright light; some direct but not constant sun is OK.
Moisture: Allow soil to dry out some between waterings; in winter, water only enough to keep soil from completely drying out.

Aloe Vera.An excellent salve for burns and known for its healing properties, aloe is also pretty to look at.

Light: Bright indirect light except for winter when direct sun is preferred.
Moisture: Keep soil lightly moist spring through fall. Let soil dry slightly more in winter.

Jade Plant.Native to South Africa, the jade plant has thick stems and glossy green leaves.

Light: Keep jade plants in bright spots like a window sill.
Moisture: Add water when the soil feels dry. Sensitive to over-watering.

Echeveria.Perhaps what most imagine to be the platonic form of “succulent”, the plump and symmetrical echeveria comes in a rainbow of colours.

Light: Partial shade is fine for these, but make sure they get some indirect light.
Moisture: Water sparingly, but don’t let it get too dry.


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